How does Structural Integration Work?

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The Structural Integration practitioner works in a systematic approach in what is usually a series of 10 treatments to restore the body structure back to its proper vertical position - in harmony with the field of gravity.

Generally, Structural Integration involves lengthening and awakening the fibrous and imbalanced patterns in connective tissue called “fascia.

In many people, this has become solid, rigid, and sticky due to chronic tension, repetitive usage, emotional and physical trauma (injuries or surgery), causing restrictions to the movement of muscles and joints.

The Structural Integrator applies precise pressure using fingertips, elbows, forearms, palms, and knuckles to manipulate the connective tissue or fascia. This rehydrates the soft tissue making it more pliable and enables the body to re-discover its natural organization; therefore, the body is able to function more efficiently, gracefully, and comfortably ...

A Structural Integrator works with the connective tissue by lengthening and reshaping it, much like a sculptor shaping clay. This releases restrictions that have created lifelong patterns of strain, bracing, and tension. Thus, we evolve into becoming more fluid, light, and balanced.

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How does Structural Integration Feel?

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A Structural Integration session is a unique sensory experience. The practitioners contact is generally broad, slow and intentional. This approach is intense yet non-invasive, allowing clients to remain receptive to the work during the session.

When Structural Integration is applied to an area of chronic pain, some discomfort may be felt as shortened tissues begin to release and stretch. This brief discomfort is associated with the “letting go” of chronic stresses and unhealthy patterns. The sensations are momentary and changing, and as structural issues are confronted, one becomes stronger and more grounded.


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The Structural Integrataion practitioner works with you, not on you. You are encouraged to give feedback so that the work may be adjusted to meet your needs. You always have control, and will never be asked to go through something with which you are uncomfortable.

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