“I've heard Structural Integration is Painful ”

This is one of the most common misconceptions of this work (and is a comment usually made by people who haven't even experienced it). That’s not to say there won’t be some interesting moments. Part of the letting go process, is in re-experiencing trapped tension held in the connective tissue. People will usually comment, “That feels intense and good at the same time, my body needs that.”

The pressure used may range from very light and gentle to quite firm and deep --- but it will never be more than your body can handle.  You are always in control and can say "less pressure... (or more pressure!)." It is unfortunate if someone lets this misconception prevent them from experiencing the awesome power of this work.

“How many sessions are needed? ”

Traditionally, Structural Integration has been performed over the course of a ten session series. This works best as the whole series is viewed as a process toward improving your health. Because the myofascial connective tissue is continuous from head to toe, the tension in one area can directly affect very distant areas. The series provides a means to adequately work the entire structure in a systematic way to achieve lasting changes.

Each session prepares the body for the next session and ensures that the whole body is addressed.  Poor posture and myofascial compensations have taken years to put their imprint on your body. In ten sessions, Structural integration can put your body on a better, more upright path toward improved health and well-being.

The optimal frequency is once a week or every other week, however, the work is still effective if longer breaks between sessions are required.

“Can I just do individual sessions instead of the 10 session series? ”

Yes. While a full 10-series is the most favorable approach to producing long lasting results, clients can certainly benefit from fewer sessions if they would prefer not to commit to the whole series. Individual sessions can be tailored to meet your needs. Or, a “treatment plan” can be designed for your unique circumstances.

Upon completion of the series, “Tune up” sessions are usually performed once a month or as often as you need. 


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“What can I expect? ”

Sessions are 90 minutes in duration. We will talk about your goals and assess your posture and movement.  Postural analysis is typically performed before, during and after the session. During the session you will participate through movement, breathing, and focusing internal awareness. You may feel ongoing shifts in balance and awareness occurring between your sessions. It is not uncommon for clients to experience changes in their emotional lives, as tension is released the body may clear held emotions. This leads to an improved sense of wellbeing.

“What do I wear?”

Since you will be asked to stand up and walk during the session, most clients receive Structural Integration sessions in their underwear.  You may also wear cotton gym shorts and a sports bra or a bathing suit (2 piece for women) if it makes you more comfortable. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.