Benefits of Structural Integration

  • Decreases pain associated with chronic pain and stress (i.e. from repetitive muscle strains, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, etc)
  • Helps prevent injury and accelerates recovery from old injuries
  • Increases vitality and feelings of well being
  • Improves seated and standing postural alignment
  • Releases suppressed emotions trapped in musculoskeletal and visceral systems, this can aid in psychological/spiritual growth
  • Deepening of Yoga, martial arts or other movement practices secondary to greater awareness and integration of superfiscial and core structures
  • May increase height (1/4” to 1” inches gains are not uncommon)
  • Speeds up Post Partum Recovery
  • Maximizes and enhances performance in dance, climbing, weight training, cycling, etc.
  • Add years to your athletic life


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